It’s disgraceful to see Labour-run Bradford Council once again targeting our vital local services whilst at the same time propping up wasteful and costly projects elsewhere in the District.

Should their plans to shut down Sugden End tip in Cross Roads and Golden Butts tip in Ilkley go ahead there will be disastrous consequences for fly-tipping in our community.

And for residents in Ilkley who have been campaigning against Bradford's costly and unpopular speed bumps plan, having a crucial service like Golden Butts tip threatened with closure in order to "save money" is beyond parody.

Last year, we fought tooth and nail to save our Keighley Tip, and I will not stand by while our Labour Council once again trashes the very services that keep our area clean.

I am again urging residents to join my calls for Bradford Council to instigate an immediate U-turn on these disastrous plans by signing our ‘Save Our Tips' petition below 👇 

Save Our Tips

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