Campaign Responses

Fur Trade

Thank you for contacting me about the fur trade.

Electoral Commission reforms

Thank you for contacting me about the Electoral Commission.

As you may be aware, the Electoral Commission has sought in recent years to bring criminal offences before the courts. This is not a role that has ever been agreed by the Government or by Parliament.

Internal Markets Bill

The UK Internal Market Bill is fundamentally about protecting the integrity of the United Kingdom and this was made clear when the Prime Minister introduced the Bill.

Planning reforms in England

Our planning system needs to work for those who use it to make sure new homes, businesses and vital infrastructure are not held back by outdated, complicated and time-consuming bureaucracy.

Hen Harriers

All wild birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and there are strong penalties in place for offences committed against birds of prey and other wildlife, with most wildlife crimes carrying up to an unlimited fine and/or a six-month custodial sentence.

UK Super Trawlers

I share concern about the protection and health of British Waters, and I am fully aware of the impact that super trawlers have on marine life. Our waters are a precious natural resource and they must be managed carefully.

Unlock Britain's potential

As we deliver on our election pledge to get Britain out the EU we have a massive opportunity to unlock Britain's real potential and make relationships with economies the world over. I want to see a Britain that is outward looking, prepared to make the most of all we have to offer.