Demand action to tackle problem parking in Ilkley

We need a solution to problem parking that works for residents and business alike.  I’ve put together a simple three step solution to problem parking - the 3 R's.

​REVIEW: I'll demand that Bradford Council review recent changes to their parking policy immediately. 

REVERSE: I'll call for Bradford Council to reverse the changes which have pushed commercial parking into residential streets across Ilkley and Addingham - such as Grove Road and Sedbergh Park. 

REFORM: I'll call for Bradford Council to reform their parking policy, with an increased focus on commercial and residential consultation - consulting with businesses like the Edinburgh Woolen Mill and Mortens. I'll also look to increase the free parking period from 30 minutes to an hour, and request that the Council return parking charges to their pre-August 2019 price. I'll also call for free weekend parking in the three weeks before Christmas, bringing visitors in to Ilkley and directly supporting local business. 

This will allow us all to enjoy Ilkley, without the negative impacts caused by bad Bradford parking policy.