Oppose the Keighley waste incinerator!

Robbie is campaigning against the proposal to grant permission for Endless Energy to receive an environmental permit which would allow them to construct a waste incinerator at Marley.

The second part of the public consultation is now live. Let Robbie know your views by taking part in our survey.

To take part in the Environment Agency's official consultation on the proposal click here.

Incinerator survey

  • 1 Current: Your views
  • 2 EA consultation
  • 3 Optional questions
  • 4 Your details
1.1. Do you support the Environment Agency's plan to permit a waste incinerator on the edge of Keighley?
1.2. Did you take part in the Environment Agency's first public consultation in 2018 on the proposed incinerator’s environmental permit application?
If yes, please respond to question 1.3.
If no, please respond to question 1.4.
1.3. If yes, did you feel your views were taken into consideration when the Environment Agency made their decision?
1.4. If no, why did you not take part in the first part of the EA's consultation process? (tick all that are relevant)
1.5. Were you aware that Bradford Council approved the planning application in 2017 which allows Endless Energy to start building works on site?


Consultation on Waste Incinerator at Marley extended

The Environment Agency have extended the period of consultation on a proposed waste incinerator at Marley by a further week. This follows the introduction of further information which they say helped them lead to their decision to be ‘minded to’ grant an environmental permit for the facility.