Further extension for incinerator consultation following MP’s intervention

The Environment Agency have extended their public consultation on their ‘minded to approve’ the Environmental Permit for a waste incinerator on the edge of Keighley. Following further pressure by Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore and the Aire Valley Against Incineration Campaign Group, the Environment Agency have extended their deadline for comments to the 12th August.

On 8th June the Environment Agency announced that they were minded to approve an environmental permit for the site in Marley at the edge of Keighley. A statutory public consultation period then began so that stakeholders could view and comment on the evidence that led to their ‘minded-to’ decision.

The waste incinerator has caused great concern in the area, and over 700 people took part in a survey Robbie conducted, with the overwhelming majority of participants opposing the permit being granted.

Robbie has worked hand in glove with the campaign group Aire Valley Against Incineration group to represent the views of constituents and object to the permission being granted. Together, they have both monitored the consultation process to ensure it is accurate, transparent and fair. Robbie spoke to the Environment Agency last week about concerns he had around the openness of the consultation process.

Following earlier concerns Robbie raised, the Environment Agency extended the initial consultation period by a fortnight after introducing additional information in relation to their decision. They have now offered a further extension until August 12th to ensure confidence in the process.

Robbie said:

“The ‘minded to approve’ decision is quite rightly causing understandable concern for people across Keighley and Ilkley and I have been monitoring the consultation process closely. As I stressed to the Environment Agency in various calls over the last two weeks, we need to have full confidence in their consultation process.

“Given that they have stagnated the release of documents and have decided to carry out the process during a difficult period, much more time is needed for all to review and properly scrutinise the information which is being made available. I am therefore now pleased that a further extension has been granted.

“It’s important to acknowledge that the clock is still ticking and it’s now up to residents who share my concerns about the incinerator to log on and register their objection with the Environment Agency.”

Simon Shimbles chairs the campaign group Aire Valley Against Incineration. He said:

“We are pleased that the Environment Agency has extended the consultation period by two weeks to 12th August, thanks to a request from AVAI and MP Robbie Moore. There have been over seven hundred submissions so far. Keep them coming, and please do not be put off by the wording from the EA about “scientific evidence”. 

“As our teachers at school were fond of saying, “there is no such thing as a stupid question!”  All our voices count, but only when we use them. Thank you and keep up the good work!”


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Incinerator survey

  • 1 Current: Your views
  • 2 EA consultation
  • 3 Optional questions
  • 4 Your details
1.1. Do you support the Environment Agency's plan to permit a waste incinerator on the edge of Keighley?
1.2. Did you take part in the Environment Agency's first public consultation in 2018 on the proposed incinerator’s environmental permit application?
If yes, please respond to question 1.3.
If no, please respond to question 1.4.
1.3. If yes, did you feel your views were taken into consideration when the Environment Agency made their decision?
1.4. If no, why did you not take part in the first part of the EA's consultation process? (tick all that are relevant)
1.5. Were you aware that Bradford Council approved the planning application in 2017 which allows Endless Energy to start building works on site?