Meeting with International Trade Secretary, Robbie is full of optimism for Keighley and Ilkley's exporting businesses

Manufacturing businesses are the heartbeat of our local economy and there is a big world out there ready to do more business.

For every 10,000 residents in Yorkshire, there are 22 exporting companies – more per person than anywhere else in the Northern Powerhouse. One explanation for this table-topping export figure is Yorkshire’s strong and enduring industrial base. Almost 10% of the region’s workforce is employed in manufacturing.

The region also boasts the highest proportion of exports going to Sub-Saharan Africa as well as above UK average exports going to Latin America and the Caribbean. Yorkshire truly is, global.

Yorkshire’s high export figures can be attributed to the wide variety of goods and products the region produces. Across Keighley and Ilkley alone, we have a diverse number of industries from advanced manufacturing and technology to beer and distilleries, all with export-driven opportunities.

Meeting with Liz Truss MP, Secretary of State of International Trade, I explained the tremendous ambition our Keighley and Ilkley entrepreneurs, business owners, manufacturers and innovators have, but I reiterated the strong message I am receiving. The continued delay of Brexit is having a detrimental impact on many businesses’ ability to plan and invest. Frustrated by Labour’s dither and delay on Brexit, we need to just get Brexit done, so that local exporting businesses can truly grasp the opportunities a global Britain can offer.

Today, more and more local Yorkshire companies are seizing global opportunities, with global consumers admiring the creativity, quality and ingenuity of Yorkshire made and produced goods.

Keen to get on and get Brexit delivered, Robbie is full of optimism for Keighley and Ilkley, and global Britain, and if elected looks forward to working with Liz Truss to help open up more and more exporting opportunities so that our local businesses can go on, expand and reach further.