Silsden resident award Unsung Hero Award.

Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore has award his Unsung Hero Awards to a resident in Silsden for outstanding community service in our area throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mary Bear Taylor of Silsden has run every single day during the Covid crisis around Silsden, averaging around 7 miles per day. She has become a familiar figure and sports a different fancy dress outfit each day. Mary takes requests for children's birthday and ensures she runs past the child's house and gives them a special wave. She brings a smile to all the residents who see her.

Robbie said: “In Silsden, Mary has put a smile on everyone’s face. Many people are still in self isolation, so the sight of Mary running past in a different fancy dress outfit everyday has helped bring some cheer. Based on the number of emails I received, Mary has certainly brought cheer to all across Silsden in these difficult times. Mary is a true hero of our community.

Every week, Mr Moore will be announcing another Unsung Hero from across Keighley and Ilkley who is going above and beyond to help others during these tough times. Nominations for the Unsung Hero Award can be made at