Robbie Moore on doorsteps in Haworth

Great to be out in Haworth and across the Worth Valley knocking on doors, listening and speaking with residents. Meeting with Stanley and Patricia Turner, the strong feeling from residents is clear. People want Brexit done by the 31st October so that we can get back to focussing on;

Supporting Keighley over Brexit

The choice for Keighley, Ilkley, Silsden and Worth Valley will be clear at the next election. I will support Boris Johnson to get Brexit done by 31st October, so we can get back to focussing on further funding schools, hospitals, and tackling crime.

Robbie Moore campaigning in Ben Rhydding

Out and about in Ben Rhydding today speaking to residents about what matters most to them nationally and locally. This included the recent parking changes which have been implemented in the centre of Ilkley and the knock on impacts in Ben Rhydding.